About the LDMA

Welcome to the Lost Dutchman's Mining Association (LDMA) - the premier gold prospecting and camping club in America.

Our story begins in 1976, when our founder, the visionary George "Buzzard" Massie, established LDMA with a dream of creating a space where people could experience the thrill of gold mining while enjoying the great outdoors.

Today, LDMA is a vibrant community of gold seekers, explorers, and nature enthusiasts. We manage a dozen campgrounds across the country, each one uniquely positioned on gold-bearing patented mining claims. Here, you can immerse yourself in the rich history and exciting pursuit of gold mining, right from the comfort of your RV.

Our members have exclusive access to dozens of mining claims, offering them an unparalleled opportunity to explore, dig, and potentially strike it rich! Every campground is thoughtfully designed to accommodate RV camping, with some locations even offering full hook-ups.

At LDMA, we're more than just a mining association; we're a family bonded by our shared love for adventure and discovery. We believe in preserving the legacy of gold mining while fostering a sense of camaraderie and respect for the natural world.

Join us as we continue to unearth the treasures of our beautiful American landscape. The next big find could be just a shovel scoop away!

Experience the thrill of gold mining. Experience the serenity of nature. Experience LDMA.