Discover Gold in the Heart of Eastern Oregon

Welcome to the Clash of the Trommels, an exclusive gold mining adventure set against the picturesque backdrop of Eastern Oregon's Motherlode. Join us for one of two exhilarating one-week events that promise not just the thrill of the hunt but the tangible reward of gold in your hands. Whether you're an experienced prospector or new to the world of gold mining, this event is designed to offer an unforgettable experience.

Experience the Gold Rush

Clash of the Trommels Starts In

LDMA's Burnt River is

Where it's at

LDMA Burnt River Mining Camp, nestled just outside the richly endowed lands of Eastern Oregon, will serve as our base camp for both weeks of the event.

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Why You Should Join

  • Equal Share of Gold: All gold recovered during the event is split equally among participants. Our history shows that no one leaves empty-handed.
  • Limited Participation: With space capped at 24 prospectors per week, you'll have ample opportunity to mine without overcrowding, ensuring a rich and rewarding experience.
  • Trommel Mining: Participants will operate on Trommel units, processing gold-bearing material that has historically yielded significant finds.
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The Promise of Gold

Eastern Oregon’s Motherlode is renowned for its pockets and streaks of gold, offering the tantalizing possibility of a big strike. Past participants have walked away with impressive hauls, and we're gearing up for another bountiful year.

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